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Who are we?

Universus was Built Starting November of 2022 By gamers, for gamers.

At Universus we teach Esports games with the theme of chess and Formula-1 combined, In the sense that like in chess, being a pro gamer is knowledge-based and strategically profound, while just like in car racing, it comes down to split-second tactical decisions, and winning cannot come without raw ability and practice. 

And we are here to teach both of those sides in detail.

IRL prof pic 2.jpg

Ziv "LUPUS" Ben David, Founder & Entrepreneur

  • Over 9000 hours on CS:GO

  • Nearly a decade of experience in competitive FPS games.

  • Reached a peak of 2.4k Elo on Faceit

  • Coached countless students with impressive results over a short span of time over the years

  • Managed multiple teams of DMG.INC -
    a reputable gaming community

  • Thousands of scrims and faceit matches=

"The reason I created Universus is that for years I have passionately studied the game, played and coached competitively and wanted only to move forward in the level of play.
However, I was presented with obstacles that no player is trained to overcome, such as team politics, bureaucracy, connections, and so on.

and after being salty for so long I decided enough is enough!
And so I devised Universus and its unique material by gathering all of my knowledge and experience in both playing & coaching with the help of the coaches, in the attempt to make Esport accessible and welcoming to new players, and be a bridge to the professional scene for advanced players!"

Our Coaches:

custom CSGO logo.jpg

Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend, 30 from Germany

Advanced & veteran coach

  • The 5-time ESL Pro-German league winner

  • A 5-time major attendee

  • Has achieved a 2-time Major playoff, with two in-game stickers

  • Playing professional Counter-Strike since 2011

  • Former professional player for teams such as GODSENT, ALTERNATE aTTax, Sprout, Penta, and many more.

  • Played over 300 professional leagues & tournaments

  • Over 100,000 $ Gained in Prize pool earnings

  • The current side coach for Bad News Eagles

  • Competed in FPL for over 5 years

"I won my first German championships when I was 18 years old and I will never forget it!

I was the first German player to reach the playoffs of a major - TWICE - which makes me one of only a handful of people in Germany to ever do so.

I reached something that I worked very hard on for years, I dedicated my time to something that brings me joy and meaning and I made it - You can do the same!"

wojtek prof pic.jpg

Wojtek "Pienix" Pieńkowski , 26 from Poland.

Beginner & Intermediate coach

  • 17K hours on CS: GO

  • Reached 5-time ESEA season Main (2 Playoffs)

  • Reached 1-time ESEA season Advanced

  • Consistent 3500+ ELO

  • Over 1000 satisfied students over the past 3 years

  • Coached HLTV ranked team "Dynasty"

  • Competed in FPL-C for 6 months

"Helping people improve is my second passion after competing, getting messages from players that reach a higher rank after training with me or just seeing the improvement from my students genuinely satisfies me."

What Universus is based upon:

Here at UVS, we do not believe in doing the bare minimum for our students and letting them figure out the rest themselves, we guide them through every step of the way and track their improvement, to ensure their success, because when you succeed, we succeed.

we want to become an online shelter for our players, for those who want to play competitively, In a respectful and fun environment, And be a part of a Community that feels exclusive to be a part of.

We improve day by day, as we strive to be the best coaching company in Esports games.
We don't measure the "Best" by the number of players we bring in but by the quality of the players we produce.

So we invite our students to feel free to share with us all of your ideas on how to improve your experience with us,
whether it's basic or innovative, we want to hear it all!

Our values

The Basic Values of Universus:

  1. BASIC RESPECT. Whether its between students and staff, Despite disagreements and different points of view

  2. TIME IS SACRED.  Come on time and do the tasks on time so that you could see the results you want!

  3. HOMEWORK IS KEY. To improve, please complete your tasks as this is what it takes to succeed,
    and your success is our success!


  4. BASIC IS THE WAY TO GO. We at UVS believe that to be good at anything at all, you must first master the basics, as advanced techniques are just a sum of many basics stacked upon one another. So with that said, be patient and willing to hear things that may sound a bit familiar

  5. STRUGGLE IS INEVITABLE. at UVS, we show up to class when we don't feel like it.
    "it's just a game, I'll never make it, I suck at It anyway" Is normal to think sometimes, but NOT TO ACT UPON


  6. FUN IS OVERRATED. Yes we want you to have pleasant and fun sessions, but it is not the goal, the goal is to improve.
    So with that said, If you are here for a magic pill or a nice place to get with people and have fun and giggles, go to a playground,
    since here we are coming to put in work (And collect them W's on the go

  7. RESPECT the rules of UVS At all times of participating in UVS activities or taking part in them, the rules apply.
    We have no issue kicking off players who will bring the community down and do n
    ot follow the rules consistently, so please behave!

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