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The first-ever live online Esports classroom

What is Universus?

Universus is a group Esports classroom that offers recurring weekly classes for players who want to take their gaming skills to the next level.

And this is what we offer:

  • Weekly classes that consistently track your progress

  • Globally renowned                with countless professional achievements

  • Perfect for players hardstuck in low Elo / forced to play solo

  • The best value-for-money coaching in the market

  • Explaining all components of the game in detail, with personalized feedback

  • Classes with players who want to get better just like you do!

  • We can help anyone become a better player, whether you are a newbie experienced player, and now with our new and improved technology, we can even teach WOMEN!

gaming controler

Save countless hours of frustration 

"Is it my teammates? My aim? my gamesense? my awareness?

why can't I win?"

At Universus, those questions will not only be given an answer but teach you how to find it yourself.
Stop going in loops and quit guessing the next step you should take, and focus on what truly matters:  improving at the game

No cheap slogans, no bullshit promises, at a pocket-friendly price.

Our quality speaks for itself


"What good comes from studying esports games?"

Esports games require a lot more skill and practice than your average video game, hence they are much more beneficial to you,

examples of such benefits are:

  • Improves Hand-Eye coordination

  • Teaches how to function in a team dynamic

  • Develops your communication skills and self-control

  • Enhances your strategic thinking and plan-making abilities

  • Increases your adaptability and problem-solving skills

  • A key to socialization and bonds to come

  • Productive and effective learning medium

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